Whats up neocities my name is Ethan Im a 12 year old gamer I play fortnite call of duty and nba2k. Im a beast at videogames Faze Clan wants to recruit me and turn me into a professional esports athleate so that will be cool because I will be rich and famous even more famous then ninja with how good I am at videogames. My brother cody who is a nerd helped me make this website which is for esports recrewting to show off my gamer clips so be sure to watch those and also subscribe to my YouTube account I will even sub4sub just be sure to hit the like button

i have beating more games then i can even remember im gaming all the time play games like call of duty fortnite and nba2k. i beated call of duty modern warfare call of duty black ops call of duty cold war call of duty modern warfare 2 remake nba2k19 career mode titanfall uncharted red dead redemtion grand theft auto 5 and more than i can remember beating

My favorite music is rap music I hate contry music and electronic music those musics are so freaking trash. my favorite raper is travis scott because he was in fortnite i even went to his concert in fortnite and it was so epic but i also like dr. dre because he is old school original gangsta on that west coast repping the 187 type boys in the hood

Cool relaytable music -><-freaking trash

I also hate ninetendo that's not real games that's for babys who think there gamers but there NOT! Mario is such a p*ssy b*tch compared to Ghost from call of duty ghost from call of duty could beat up and kill the Mario brothers single handed. Plus have you seen the freaking mario bros movie? ITS TRASH the call of duty modern warfare campaign is way cooler then that becuase you can kill people even if they arent terrorists like in no Russian in MW2 remake where it's a lot of fun you just shoot people in an airport and they cant rven fight back kind of like the Mario bros because they dont even have guns in the Mario gamesh

thre playstatiom 4 is the console i have because it is the best console! i want to get a playstation 5 but my parents didnt get me one for christmas they said it is to expencive but idc my parents clearly have the money but theyre so freaking cheap mom wastes all her money on wine and then im like why do you yell at me for wineing about not having a playstation 5 but your drinking wine and my dad spends all the money on his car and its not even a sports car its a freaking honda and i keep explain to him that if we had a playstatoin five he could drive any of my awesome cars in gta online instead but he keeps saying no which is so gay. but anyway another reason i really like the playstation is that i can wear headphones and game so when my parents go to bed i can game late with the headphones they dont here the game but sometimes they here me rage but i only rage when im plaing against hackers in fortnite who are using aimbot since that is the only way anyone can kill me because they are cheating!

<-literaly me when im gaming past my bed time