The new call of duty call of duty modern warfare ii came out I got it for my play station 4 I wanted it for play station 5 but my bitch mom was all like “no we are not buying you a play station 5 .” so I got call of duty modern warfare two 3 because this is actually the third call of duty modern warfare 2 they have made because they made call of duty modern warfare 2 on play station 3 then they made call of duty modern warfare 2 remastered and now call of duty modern warfare II. Honestky these names are getting fucking retarded but honestly I don’t care so long as I can shoot terrorists and blow sh!t up.

shooting people is sooo fun

I didn’t play the campaign tbh I don’t care about the campaign because in stry mode I cant get kill streaks and I have to watch boring movie cut scenes so I just watched the campaign on a youtube it was the lets play by ishowspeed play the campaign it was funny he got really angry a lot it reminds me a lot of me except im not black. The campaign looks cool tbh I just wish someone else would play it for me so I can get that m4 skin they give you for beating it because they give you a cool gun skin for beating it.

i did not get the m4 skin but i did get the mountain dew skin because i bought a mountain dew (i am too lazy to edit this random guy out of the picture)

Playing call of duty moder warnfare 2 is so cool it reminds me of my dad who is a cop he gets to shoot bad guys all day too so it is like I am training to be a cop or a soldlier because it is so real. I think it would be really cool if the real world was like call of duty imagine if you were a cop and after killing 5 bad guys you could call in a precision airstrike on bad guys. My dad said he wished that was how the police worked he said he would’ve definitely used that kill streak during those riots in 2020. Honestly it would have been really funny if that happebed . my dad is such an awesome cop if friendly fire counted for killstreaks my dad would be close to having a nuke!

i like shooting people with my guns in the game you can make your guns more awesomer and add cool attatchments to the guns you can add a lazer site a heavy barrel new stocks and a thermal scope but only noobs use thermal scopes. the dumbest thing about the guns is that there names are retarded the gun names dont make any freaking sense.

what the f*ck is a lachman submarine gun this is clearly an MP5 is activevision too broke to use the MP5? these bootleg guns are stupid and confusing


  1. TAQ 56
  2. this gun go hard in DMZ all around good asault rifle
  3. RPK
  4. this light machine gun go hard you can add flaming bullets and catch noobs on fire
  5. Basilisk
  6. an epic pistol actually its a revolver and this revolver is a beast you can 1 shot people and getting head shots is bad ass

I only got mwII for the multi player and warzone and now they gots the tarkov rip off called DMZ yes they did add the DMZ and its FREE so broke people can play the DMZ mode for free i like when i play against them because they are too poor to get good at the game but DMZ its cool though you can lloot weapons and also watches and cash and other knick knacks and doodats trinkets and gizmos and the gizmos can kill bad guys too. DMZ is awesome you and your squad go around killing terrorists they are all bots and then you do missions too but there are also other players. the other players can join your squad but usually they just try to kill you but they never kill me and my squad we kill them and then we steal all the cool stuff they looted.

Ive been playin the muktiplyer modes domination hardpoint and kill confirmed and I have been getting so many kills the highest killstreak I got was a gun ship and I blew up a lot of bad guys with it it was so freaking epic blowing up everything. I got the gun ship on that map that is at the border of America and Mexico and it was cool my dad saw it and said that he wished that we could do the in the real workd he said joe biden needs to put century turrets all around the border. that would be so freaking cool I would sign up for that job in a moment honestly I think the army should add this job so I can get it and make a million dollars a year blowing up people its great because it is soo hard to shoot down a gunship.

this map fucking sucks every stupid car just blow up next to you I HATE IT!!

call of duty needs more maps they need a new map pack or something all they have added is shitment and shit house lolol shipment and shoothouse in season 1 these maps are so crazy you just spawn in and die but its so crazy you can get so many kills and get your guns leveled up so quick i got the gold ak-47 (but its not called the ak 47 its called the Kastov 762 because activevision is either too broke or too retarded to name the guns right.) they need to add terminal and high rise. they also need to add gunfights back that was the best mode in modern warfare one 3

so the game is epic but there are also some epic fails. okay so ghost from call of duty is on the cover of call of duty modern warfare 2 but why cant i play as ghost in multiplayer?? they make you buy the ultimate addition of the game to unlock ghost and captain price and the lady and my stupid mom didnt know the difference and only bought the normal version of the game not the deluxe edition. they also made the epic fail of adding freaking anime guns! i emailed call of duty and activevision and treyarch and blizzard i told them "DO NOT ADD ANIME GUNS THEY ARE SO GAYYY" and they STILL added anime guns WTF?!?!? I wish i had a chopper gunner streak in real life i would freakin destroy whoever added these stupid guns if you use these guns you have an inverted pen!s no cap!!!

youve got to be f*cking jocking...

okay so this game gets a 8.5/10 its epic but it could be MORE epic it will probably be a 9/10 after a few seasons when they add more guns and maps and skins and it can be a 10/10 if they remove the anime guns