Hey neocities whats up its ethanthebadass and I want to talk about some gamer stuff that many gamers already probably know about but SOME PEOPLE think it's a big deal when really its not. so the n-word in gaming is some thing alot of people complain about and i really don't get the big deal at all. like i get called it all the time on call of duty so i call them it back i mean its only fair. my parents are so freaking retarded tho there was this one time i called someone the nword and they started lecturing me about how its a bad word but i had to explain to them that the n-word is a gamer word but they still didn't get it it was so freaking frustrating they threatened not to renew my playstation plus membership which would suck because then i can play fortnite with the boys. so no whenever i call people the n-word and the f-word i just dont yell it i just say it so my parents dont here me or i wait until there not home to get into my gaming zone and trash talk all the p*ssys who think there better than me. then they get so mad they turn on on their aimbot and start cheating.

i freaking dont care about sjws i just want to game

sometime the people i trash talk call me racist but that doesnt even make sense im not racist i listen to rap music all the time i also have seen the big momma movies and lol at them all the time. i also play grand theft auto as franklin and so why would i play as franklin if im racist also franklins friend lamar is so freaking funny and everyone i know agrees and he says the n-word all the time in funny ways so really the nword is just funny to call people when you think about it.

lamar from gta always says the nword and when he does it is always soo freaking funny

another reason why saying n-word during gaming doesnt matter is because many of the best pro gamers do say it and there rich so its okay because if you want to be a rich famous gamer you can says the nword and it will help and rapers also do this (more on that later) plus when i say the nword it helps me play better because i can gets out my rage without braking another controler and my parents already said they will not by me another controler until christmas so i dont want to waste my alowance money on a controller if i brake it

honestly all gamers have been in this situateion before

so in conclusion the n-word is no big whoop when gaming because rapers like travis scott bobby shmurder and kendrick lamar and dr dre say it all the time. bobby shmurder is so right when he saying how am i supposed to say im a cool guy without saying im a hot n*gga?