what is up it's your boy Ethan the bad ass back at it again with another review. Today I am reviewing the new call of duty warzone. honestly this new warzone is booty compared to the old warzone this new warzone just doesn't go as hard.

first the map is garbage. the island is so freaking lame there's just lame trees and rocks where the freak are the buildings? if I wanted to walk thru the woods I'd go outside not be playing video games!!

copying fortnite, how original 🙄

Second the guns are trash. they are all old as shit and the re coils are insane. u literally can't hit anyone unless you have aimbot. they need to bring back the mp5 and 725 shotgun so I can wreck these noobs.

what the fuck is this?

Third the game is world war 2 but why can't I play as Germany or Japan? They are so cool but call of duty van guard was made be retarded feminists so now I have to play as a freaking women. Everyone knows women can't shoot or run or anything. If you're a guy and play as a women skin than your probably gay or retarded.

Forth the skins are trash. The women skins are stupid and they need to be like Fortnite and add Travis Scott (my favorite rapper).

Fifth this game is broken. It is soooo laggy on my PlayStation 4 it's freaking impossible to play. My character just teleports everywhere and spazzes out like he's having a freaking seizure. It's impossible to kill anyone. Plus the guns are hacked or something because holy shit it just glitches out like crazy


Sixth my teammates always suck balls! All they ever do is die and get me killed. Every time we drop they don't even mark a target location to get loot at it. All my team mates drop a million miles away from each other on the map. IF I WANTED TO PLAY SOLOS ID PLAY SOLOS NOT QUADS! And then they just quit the game halfway through if you do this too then YOU SUCK AT THE GAME GO PLAY FINAL FANTASY LIKE THE NERD YOU ARE!!

my teamates suck and i have to carry every match

Seven I can't even use all my epic skins in the main battle royale which is retarded. Instead I am stuck with stupid women skins. I want to play as ghostface so why can't I play as him? He's soo cool he has a knife and is honestly pretty freaking funny too, way funnyer than any women in the game.

so in conclusion the new warzone is garbage. honestly they need to bring back the old warzone. the new warzone isnt fun and i keep loosing because the game is broken.