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These are some cool links i wrote in each of them if your a esports manager please look at them i am one of the best call of duty players my k/d is really high i have 3 gold guns (mp5 mp7 and 725 shotgun) and i am looking for a professional team to play for my dad said he would be my agent so if you are nterested leave a comment or follow my page and my dad will seeif your worth signing up for i eill only play for your team for a minimum of $10 million dollars beacause that is how much ninja the streamer makes and i think it is only fair because i am younger then him so i will live longer and get EVEN BETTER since i will have more time to practice in my life. so be sure to check out the cool links i made in the below this and be sure to like my page and be sure to follow because i will follow back and i will remeber you when i am super famous

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the n-word in gaming (RANT)


Epic EthanThebadass CoD montage COMING SOON